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November 8, 2011


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For letting the world know that you can still be BIG and sexy
For showing us that size has nothing to do with how well you can dance
For making hits that I STILL dance to in 2011
For your motivational Tweets everyday
As you said in your last tweet BE INSPIRED….well you inspired me and for that


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February 21, 2011


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During V-Day so many thickettes were saying there is a lack of men for thicksational ladies. Well thickettes as much as we like to say there aren’t enough good man for plus size women….trust me THEY ARE OUT THERE!

Check this out

Tuesday’s episode of “Glee” featured the studly Puck (Mark Salling) longing for the attention of Lauren, played by plus-size actress Ashley Fink, who is unimpressed with the mohawked hottie. Now ET is chatting with real-life men who like big women and say pining for the attention of full-figured ladies is the norm for them.

“I guess I am a chubby chaser,” Josh Harraway tells ET. “I think there are a lot of really attractive women that don’t fit that really skinny mold and they have a different attitude about things than really skinny girls, and there is something attractive about them that would make you want to chase chubbier women.”

Brandon Richardson says although he doesn’t like the term chubby chaser, he knows that big is the American way, and he’s fine with that.

“The first reason, which is obvious, is curves,” he says of why he prefers plump. “It’s what a real woman looks like — the majority of women look like in America.”

Both men say “Glee” got it right with Fink’s storyline and character.

“I like her swag, she definitely has the big girl, ‘I’m beautiful’ attitude,” Richardson says.

“It’s almost like the social pressure is telling you, ‘don’t be with her, what are your friends going to say? You take her out, people are going to look and judge you,'” Harraway says. “If that was gone, there would be a lot of guys like Puck.” (Source: ETonline)

It will take some time for society to accept men dating plus size women and as much as people say they do not care what society thinks….THEY DO!


I ask you thickettes is there anything we can do as plus size women to make the men who admire us feel more comfortable dating us?

Let me guess….some of you are saying “Why do I have to make them feel comfortable? They should be man enough to take me out and not care what society thinks!”

We wish it could be that easy and the reality is love is hard work. If you are trying to find love or you’re in love or trying to keep love it takes dedication. Finding the right one is already a tough task and being under pressure with what society may think doesn’t make it better. As much as we think the man is suppose to do all the work we as women have to put in the same effort.
Do you feel there is something we can do to make them feel more comfortable? Do you feel we shouldn’t do anything to make them feel comfortable?
Tell me what you think Thickettes.

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December 17, 2009


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It’s rare to find emcee’s who can go past the culturally defined role of a mic checker. UrzTruly4phor, song writer, mc and artist developer is that rare breed. Raised in the Bronx, better known as the Boogie Down, Phor has always been surrounded by a strong musical presence. With rhyming as a hobby since elementary, it soon became a passion during his high school years when other inspiring emcees caught his ear. At 17yrs old, Phor created a production company which soon advanced to the record label, Gutta Mouth Recordz. While establishing himself as an artist, Phor took the time to start up his artist development company, Top Knoch Music. As a result of all his efforts and hard work, he has managed to establish relationships in the industry as well as put forth a respectable reputation for his Artist and Repertoire skills. No longer behind the scenes, Phor has spectators on the edge of their seats anticipating the release of his debut album. In addition to the album Phor has several more upcoming projects he expects to start releasing beginning at the end 2009 into 2010. Kicking it off will be his audio biography, Music&Me followed by the second installation, Do Da Rite Thing: A 4Phor Joint. Capping it off will be his undeniable album, Phor What Its Worth. So all of you “Radio Heads” and “Music Phenoms”, 4Phor is that quiet storm everyone should be watching. Don’t sleep on this kid.

Check out two of his tracks. Please leave your thoughts and if you are interested in downloading the mixtape (yes it is FREE) click here.

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November 4, 2009


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For some strange reason, I’ve been following the drama behind Beanie Siegel and Jay Z (clearly I have too much time on my hands this week). Everybody is talking about the diss record Beanie made about Jay Z but Beanie’s interview at a Philly radio show might shocked the hell out of Jay Z’s fans……

Check it out HERE

Now here is Jay’s response…..

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from la rue du on Vimeo.

Hmmmm interesting………………..have you been following this drama? What do you think?

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October 16, 2009


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I decided to give the thick men some love today! I miss Luther. His voice was like no other! Check out his classic “Love Won’t Let Me Wait”

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June 1, 2009


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Attention Thick Men!: This is when you have too much time on your hands!

Youtube should have restrictions on who can post a video!

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February 18, 2009


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Heavy D was at the Grammys this year looking tasty as ever!

This thick man swag is out of control!

Sexy Heavy and Sexy L

Lawd! If I wasn’t Saved!

Oh and…….

Twista was there too!

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January 28, 2009


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So for those who don’t know, Lil Kim is pissed about how she was portrayed in the Notorious movie. Well first let me say this, if you haven’t seen the movie please go check it out. Even though there was certain parts that were kind of boring due to the fact that if you were already a Biggie fan (like me), you already know about certain events that happened in his life so it was nothing new seeing it on screen. However this movie really took me back to the 90’s and how good music really was back then. Now I felt that the casting was great! All of the actors/actress did an excellent job with the script that they were given but there was one exception………….

The person that I felt didn’t do a great job with his character is the person who is talking ish about Lil Kim in the video below. Anthony Mackie played Tupac in the video and personally I thought he was just average. To me he was trying to damn hard and his role as Tupac was not believable.

Now check what he had to say about Lil Kim

(Shout out the VIV from Hip Hop Gossip Site (Where I saw this video))

Wow really Anthony? She’s not a human being? Do you even know Lil Kim? I personally don’t think Lil Kim is stirring stuff up just to get attention after seeing this movie I can see why she could feel that way.


Now if you NEVER seen any documentaries about Bigge or Kim you would think all BIG did was buy Kim a sandwich just to get into her legs told her what she wanted to hear and when he got married treated her like ish the whole entire time and Kim just continued to try to win Big’s heart. I don’t think this was the case. I just can’t see any female in her right mind (no matter how insecure she is) would continue to stay and sex a dude that doesn’t show her any love and constantly treats her like she’s nothing. Even though Kim was young I think she was getting mixed feelings from Big and she knew she deserved better but she was already in love.

This is just a common thing that ALL women have gone through so for Anthony to talk ish and disrespect her just shows that HIS PUNK A** is the one who wants the attention. Lil Kim has the fame that you haven’t reached Anthony and if she didn’t talk about you then keep her name out of your mouth.

Ugh I can’t stand men who disrespect women. Hasn’t Obama taught mofos anything yet? Speak on it thickettes. What are your thoughts?

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January 27, 2009


Ok I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE my thickettes but I don’t know what was in the air at the Trumpet Awards this weekend but let’s start it off!


I love Raven I do………….

But this Morticia Addams look is a Thicksational HELL NO!

Okay this is better she took off the jacket but I am confused about the gloves (are they leather?).

Well on a positive note, Raven did receive the Pinnacle Award last night. Congrats.

Thick Man Anthony Anderson was the host for the awards. Looking good Anthony!

Sherri was looking cute

I love Cathy Hughes!

Hmmm Deshawn………is it just me or does the white completely kill the outfit?

Regina……………girl! Please stop!

The thicksational couple Tamela and David Mann were there looking good.


Okay……………………..My thicksational fashionista please help me understand.

On a skinny side note:


Looked beautiful

My girls En Vogue were there looking great as well!

Now at the Trumpet dinner……

This is what I am talking about. This dress is beautiful!

Raven and Kym stepped their game up for the dinner.

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January 14, 2009


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Okay thickettes I am very excited that we have some thicksational movies coming out in January and February.

Bishop and Thick Man TD Jakes has a movie out and it’s a MUST SEE!

Finally a movie about Notorious B.I.G! It comes out this Friday!

And my favorite Madea Goes to Jail. I am a little Madea so you know I love to see her poppin off in the movie!

So thickettes which movie are you excited to see?

Thicksational SIngles

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