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May 20, 2008

Posing Nude On “The Insider”

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Plus size model Nancy Hayssen proves once again, in an industry dominated by anorexic and bulimic models that you can be sexy at ANY size by taking part in this controversial ad campaign.

She shocked the modeling world this week by posing totally nude on TV for all to see on CBS’ The Insider, weighing in at 169 pounds.

Calling her “Plus Size Perfect” and “Full Figured Fabulous” the media is taking a new look at how beauty is defined. With the constant message in the media that women can only be beautiful if they are skinny to the bone Nancy became determined to prove otherwise.

Coined as the “next Anna Nicole Smith”, Nancy proudly says, “I’ve always been happy and confident of my voluptuous body. I believe ‘sexiness’ and beauty is a state of mind.”

There are over 8 million people in this country who are anorexic, bulimic or have eating disorders. Most of them are young women. “The fashion industry and Hollywood have spread the MYTH that to be thin is in. The truth is—a woman can be beautiful at any shape or size. Hollywood is finally realizing this and spreading a new message: it’s okay to accept yourself just the way you are,” says Nancy Hayssen author of “You Can Be Sexy at ANY Size!”

“In so many other cultures the feminine body is appreciated and adored. Only in the US has this distorted image of reality taken place through images seen in the media. Fortunately, this is all dramatically changing now.” Source

Thicky Points to Nancy! We should all be proud of her!

For more info on Nancy click here


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