Chile…I don’t know where to begin. Mo’Nique told Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels to suck her d*ck if she had one.

When I first saw the video, I immediately rolled my eyes and said “Really? Again? GET OVER IT!”

After Mo’s last rant a couple of years ago, her constant campaign about her open relationship and (in my opinion) her neglect of the thicksational community, I was really over her. However, she did a Periscope video explaining her side of the story and why she is so upset with the Oprah, Perry, Lee crew. (I will not post the videos here. Check out YouTube for all videos).

After watching Mo’Nique and her husband explain their version of what happened, I get it. I understand her frustration and how she felt betrayed and was given a bad reputation in the industry as being “difficult”. Based on her video, she didn’t seem difficult, she just refused to stop her personal or other professional obligations to satisfy others.  I wish Mo’Nique would have shared this story with us YEARS ago versus now. For example, she had a HUGE platform when Lee Daniels went on CNN to talk about her. Almost every radio host invited Mo’Nique to their station and while she talked about the Lee Daniels issue, she never mentioned her problems with Tyler or Oprah AND she was too busy promoting that horrible movie “Blackbird”. Perhaps sharing this story 3 years ago would have made more impact to make a change versus now where it seems to just be a topic to gossip about. Most are not discussing the real issues of the industry and how black women never receive fairness and respect in Hollywood that they truly deserve. The majority of the YouTube channels and blogs are discussing the people shitting on Mo’Nique for speaking her truth.

So speaking of shit, let’s talk about Kym Whitley!


The one thing that stood out to me when Mo addressed Kym Whitley in her video…she mentioned that Kym cried to her one day and said “Mo’Nique you have everything”. Now, I don’t know why Mo didn’t see that as a sign to back away from that fake, troll, heffa, but speaking from experience, when you hear someone say those words, RUN! That person is not your friend, that is a frenemy! I have personally dealt with Kym before and trust me, I’m not surprised by her comments to Mo. Let’s state some facts here. Kym was in the industry/Hollywood game way before Mo got there. Mo gets to Hollywood and she manages to become a regular on a TV show, has been in numerous movies and one movie ends up getting her a Golden Globe AND an Oscar. She has had several reality shows, and her own talk show….and Kym can only get side chick roles and the one show she has managed to obtain that made her the lead character is a reality show about raising a child, and from my understanding she is not interesting on that show as well.

KYM IS BITTER AND JEALOUS OF MO’NIQUE, BOTTOM LINE. The video she posted on her FaceBook Live when she was at the radio station proves my point. A woman in her 50’s getting excited about a Twitter beef and literally having an evil grin on her face when she stated Mo will bounce back shows Kym is petty, immature and a SNAKE. For the record, even if Kym feels Mo is at a low point in her career, where she is now is still MORE relevant than what Kym has done in her 30 year pointless career.

Take this as a lesson, Thickettes. Never befriend a chick that wants what you have, because that means she is not content with her own life. Thus, she will try to do anything to bring you down to her level and keep you there. The sad thing is, Kym didn’t have to say anything negative on The Real about Mo’Nique, so that shows you she WANTED to be a lowdown dirty scallywag. We already have it rough in the industry, but to see a thickette purposely be malicious and mean to someone who she claimed to be her friend…well, there is a special type of Karma coming for you, KYM!



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