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What in the GHETTO HELL? The holidays will bring out the desperate and crazy, but I’m sure these thieves didn’t realize they took Queen Latifah’s car.


Fulton County Police said another driver was driving Queen Latifah’s vehicle alone when someone stole her car. The ordeal happened on the evening of December 20, at the Shell gas station on Fulton Industrial Boulevard. 

What were they doing on that side of town in Queen Latifah’s car? You better keep your a** on the 400 Interstate when you are in a luxury car at night in Atlanta!

Police said, in their report,  the driver of the 2015 Mercedes Benz S63 was pumping gas when a white BMW pulled up beside him, then he heard the vehicle ignition start and saw Ms. Latifah’s vehicle speed off. 

There are locks on doors for a reason! Why would you get out of the car without locking the door? AND…how could someone get in the car without you seeing them? Clearly this person didn’t grow up in the hood! I lock my doors TWICE when I’m at the gas station.

Luckily, our girl, Queen Latifah wasn’t there. However, something tells me if she was, the damn doors would’ve been locked and if someone tried her, her inner Cleo would’ve come out. Queen Latifah has been famous for awhile, but she is still a Jersey chick!

Oh, and the idiot thieves left lemonade and fruit punch bottles in the car……


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