I’m not really in the mood for this BS. I am still in mourning over the Purple King, but I have to address the “dumb and denial” especially when they have a huge fan base. I am talking about Wendy Williams. Now I know, you’re probably thinking why am I so upset over Wendy Williams when her job is to start sh*t. Well, on one of her recent shows, she talked about how the 2017 Grammys will most likely have a battle between Adele and Beyonce’s albums. Fan or not of these two, anyone with a brain knows that. However, her logic behind Adele winning most of the awards is due to fact that Adele LOOKS more like the “real woman” and this year is about embracing curves….huh??


No I’m serious, check it out for yourself.


So…never mind that Adele sold 8 million copies of “25” in 3 months without media hype, without crazy pr/marketing and without being sexual or naked. Never mind that she writes and plays instruments on her own album, but she will get most of the awards because she’s curvy? Wendy Williams is a special kind of stupid and I am not for “Curvy Charity”. You know, the “we’ll throw her a bone because she’s a big girl” charity. Wendy Williams used to be a thick girl until she did EVERYTHING she possibly could to never be thick again, so I doubt she’s really for Curvy girls, she just doesn’t want the bad publicity.

Wendy don’t undermine Adele’s amazing talent by saying her victory will be solely based on her curves. She should win more awards because she is the better talent, period. Anyone who really knows music and can leave bias out of voting, knows that.

Noticed how she talks about Ashley Graham right after the Adele vs Beyonce story, telling people to get over their ignorance regarding her being in Joe Jonas’s new video…..Wendy you’re tragic. I don’t feel genuine from you at all. You’re just as fake as your boobs.


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