Baby, I am on a THICKSATIONAL high!

THICKSATIONAL ARTIST (rapper, producer, singer), Missy Elliott will receive the inaugural Innovator award at Billboard’s 2015 Women In Music ceremony.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.31.05 PM

This award is long overdue! In my opinion, Missy’s name should be added to the group of legends who are known for innovation (Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson)! Name me an artist that came out after Missy who is at the same level as her or is respected more for their innovation?



There was no one like Missy in hip hop before her debut and there is no one like her now in hip hop or pop culture period! Furthermore, can you name me a popular artist in this generation that is an innovator, period?…..Just one?



Congrats Missy! Thank you for the inspiration, the club bangers and true artistry!

Photo Credit: Billboard Instagram

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