Some of you may have an issue with me using the word h*e. Well, I can’t help you. The words fits for some “women” and those women usually call themselves h*es as well. So, moving on….

Sigh. As I watched ratchet reality reruns, I saw a few episodes of “Basketball Wives LA”. There was a recent beef between newcomer, Meghan James and old bucket h*e, Draya Michele. Draya already had an issue with Meghan when she lied about being friends with crazy thickette, Jackie. However, things really went downhill when lipo Draya said that Meghan has a F.U.P.A which stands for Fat Upper P**sy Area (yes, ignorant I know). Draya continued to talk about Meghan’s weight in other episodes as well. Now, I don’t expect much from Draya since we all know how she got on the show in the first place (cough, cough groupie). Still, the comments I have seen about Meghan has me a little confused. There are actually people who agree with Draya about Meghan being fat.


Honey, if Meghan is fat then I weigh 2,000 pounds. She is far from being fat. But, even IF she was, does Draya have the right to talk about her? Furthermore, why does Draya, who is a known h*e, get more respect than someone who may have a stomach? So this made me wonder…do you get more respect being a loose sleezy than being thick? I can be untrustworthy, arrogant, rude and have more miles on me than a 1970 Buick, but if I’m skinny then all is right with the world? Maybe I need to move to another Universe…….your thoughts?


Picture credit: VH1 and Peep Dizz

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