Thicksational Mogul Oprah has decided to dedicated her network Saturdays to thicksational women.

Let me give you a recap…

Miss Robbie and her family start off the evening and after watching the show you will be VERY hungry. One hour of fried chicken, yams, mac & cheese and drama always makes a good show. Miss Robbie is a former backup singer for Ike and Tina Turner and went from barely making it to becoming a self made millionaire. Her spoiled son and nephew drive her crazy while she is trying to finish her 3rd restaurant in St. Louis. I think this a show that anyone can appreciate or at least admire the food.

Super model, Beverly Johnson decides to open up her home to her estrange daughter and thicksational model Anansa Sims. From the beginning of the show I was very puzzled, I mean the vibe that Anansa was giving her mother on the TV screen was just off. I didn’t understand it and definitely didn’t understand what was her purpose of moving in if she didn’t want to be bothered by her. Beverly does seem to be overbearing, however most children know how to handle their parent’s personality after so long but Anansa after one night couldn’t take it. Later in the show both women explain the reason why there is tension between the two which I feel will definitely be a healing show (I hope). This show can heal people who might be going through the same issues with their parents.

I like Niecy Nash. I think she is funny in her own corky way. However this show is too much. Why is it too much? IT’S TOO SCRIPTED! Yes all reality shows are scripted however I don’t want it to be so obvious and cheesy. The show starts off with Niecy and her man wanting to go skating with her kids. The kids decided they don’t want to go and give the excuse that God is calling them. This show almost seems like she is preparing her kids AND HER MOM for the acting world. This reality show is set up like a pilot and Niecy is hoping to get a sitcom after this. I am not really feeling the show so far but maybe it will grow on me.

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