So I’m watching the “Braxton Family Values” last night and the first scene shows the Braxton sisters in therapy. The girls are FINALLY getting through their issues that they have with each other. I am happy to see them take the time to go to therapy. Families rarely take advantage of the opportunity¬†to seek help. HOWEVER the tables turned when Toni tells Traci (the thicksational sister) that she needs to lose weight! WTF!

Immediately Traci gets defensive and in this situation I don’t blame her. After all, the sister who told her to lose weight is a wealthy entertainer who has a chef, trainer, and money for lipo and tummy tucks. I just love when above average people tell the person who lives an average 9 to 5 life what they can do like it’s no big deal. Toni didn’t even bother to say anything nice about Traci, she just went in on Traci as if she doesn’t have a heart and wouldn’t be hurt by that comment. And it’s interesting that Toni went in on Tamar being a “mean girl” well dammit Toni has no room to talk. Out of all the sisters, Traci seems to be the “normal” one. Trina has a possessive cheating husband and she thinks her way to get back at him is to give another man head (girl bye). Towanda has a free loading husband. Tamar is a spoiled brat who treats her husband and sisters like they are her slaves and Toni HAD a husband that wanted to live off of her.

But TRACI IS SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT (In Tamar’s voice). She may have her problems in her personal life but she doesn’t put them out there like her skinny sisters. Traci does NOT need to lose weight to have a career…look at Jill Scott. Even if Jill is considered a minority in the industry, it is still possible to have a career as a thicksational woman. Its ignorant comments like the one Toni gave that makes girls and women take desperate measures to lose weight. Also 4 out of 5 Braxton sisters are skinny and only 1 has managed to have a successful career! BOOM! Guess skinny doesn’t get you everywhere!

Message to Toni
Toni your comment was ignorant and hurtful. I felt Traci’s pain through the TV. If you really cared about Traci’s feeling you should have came at her in a more positive way AND if you are that passionate about HER weight get her a damn chef and trainer, YOU PAY FOR IT, since you want it so bad. If Traci is happy then leave her alone! What did you think about the show thickettes?

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