Yesterday a new reality show hit MTV about a girl name Chelsea Settles who weighs over 300 lbs and wants to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Of course you know I HAD to see this show, especially since a lot of shows that have thickettes as the main characters end up being a disaster. So within the first 10 minutes of the show Chelsea is in a fast food drive-thru and after she eats she starts to explain that she hides her fast food bags in her car because she doesn’t want people to see her throw them away. Immediately after her explanation she begins to cry.
Okay……so as soon as I see her cry I am thinking…..great we have another “More to Love” show where they want us to be seen as the poor big girl who will do anything to be a size 2 so she can be accepted. This almost turned me off which made me want to turn the damn channel but I decided to continue to watch hoping that the show would get better.
Most of the show focuses on Chelsea’s life in PA. She takes care of her ill mother and has a thick male cousin who also has dreams of moving to LA. Chelsea goes to doctor where she find out she is “obese” and decides to make drastic changes to lose weight. She joins the local gym where they measure her where she begins to cry again. I assumed that maybe she was embarrassed because the cameras where on her, but either way so far I still have not heard what Chelsea likes about herself. She is a beautiful girl, who has an amazing personality but she can’t get over the fact that she is plus size. But I will give you more of what I think later…Now the next highlight was Chelsea’s boyfriend. I was sooooo happy to see she had a boyfriend, I felt it showed America that we can have a man committed to us and accept us for our size. Well…..I spoke too soon….Chelsea’s man has cheated on her and Chelsea explains that while her boyfriend did cheat on her who else will accept her at her size so she was going to stay by him (WTF). Chelsea and her man are talking and Chelsea begins to talk about her dreams and her man shuts her down doubting what she can do. Chelsea takes his negative comments as a challenge and decides she is going to take her dreams seriously and move forward with her plans to move to LA.
Chelsea decides to go to the club to celebrate her cousin’s birthday and while they let people in front of Chelsea go in, they stop her and tell her to step aside while they continue to let people in. Now¬†this scene hit home for me and my thicksational friends watching because it is typical for certain clubs to only want a certain “look” in their club. Chelsea leaves and while she is walking to her car a group of drunk MOFOS start to call her ignorant a** names and AGAIN Chelsea begins to CRY. At this point I was screaming at the TV saying “Dammit fight for your respect…go the hell off!” I don’t care what size she is. EVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT AND IF PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THE COMMON SENSE TO AUTOMATICALLY GIVE IT TO YOU SOMETIMES A GOOD CURSE OUT CAN HELP :). After the club incident Chelsea stays in her house until she receives a call from LA that the apartment she wanted to move in was available and decides she is going to finally move to LA.
Okay so I think this show has potential. I feel this is a great show for our young thickettes who may feel like Chelsea. Now….I hope this show does not focus on her losing weight to gain acceptance in the fashion industry. This will completely turn me off. While I know she wants to lose weight it should ONLY be for her health. If this show focuses on Chelsea loving herself no matter what size she is then my thickettes we have a winner. After all if she doesn’t love herself now she will not love herself at a smaller size right?
You can see the full episode below. What do you think of the show thickettes?(Photo Source: Twitter, MTV)

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