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December 3, 2009


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I have tried to defend this woman. I LOVE HER as an artist but I am tired of this!

Is that a squirrel attacking your head Aretha? I know it was cold outside but maybe a more appropriate dress for 20 degree weather would have been a better choice!

Oh and thank you for embarrassing the thickettes AGAIN! Everyone else looks normal in the picture but of course you come out looking like a ghetto Eskimo!

I’m done venting….thickettes speak on it.

Oh and does she believe in wearing bras!?

Ok seriously I’m done this time…

Fellow thickette/blogger Afrobella wrote a letter to Aretha. Check it out here

Thicksational SIngles


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Monday on The Oprah Show, Jennifer showed pictures of David Jr.

Awwwww he is so cute!

He definitely looks like his Mama.

Thicksational SIngles

Bigger Bras
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