Oh yes!  Some of you have read my views on DL men and are asking me what are the signs of a man on the “Down Low”.

I have seen some very interesting men that are questionable but the reality is ladies the only person who can truly spot a DL Man is a GAY MAN.

Yes honey you need a gay friend in your life! Not only are they loyal but they will tell you the truth!

So one of my good friends came up with a list of signs that a man COULD be on the DL.

Thickettes, there are CAPS on “could” for a reason. This is not a guarantee so do not go around town telling people that I said this was accurate. This is just from observation, nothing is 100%. 🙂

1. If your man (all of a sudden) becomes secretive about everything (example, having a cell phone that you didn’t know about.)

Now this could be him dealing with a man or woman so if you want to know if it’s a man, this sign isn’t enough. This would be an addition with other signs.

2. If your man likes to joke around and dance/sing to Janet, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna in a feminine way.

Trust me there is nothing cute about a man popping his a** and doing a booty dance. If he is dancing to any of these women and shaking/twirling better than you……….um yeah it’s not a joke.

3. If his best friend is ALWAYS around, even when they make plans they make them together but exclude their women.

Every man knows when their male friend is in a relationship it’s a package deal. When you invite him you invite the woman. Even if she has said no before, still give the invite to the couple not just him. If he is making plans to go to the movies, holiday dinner or something that seems like an intimate setting without you……..they are more than friends.

4. If he creates arguments with you just to have an excuse to leave the house for hours (if he’s not dl, he’s definitely cheating)

Yes, this is a BIG sign something is not right. A pointless argument that leaves you confused and he leaves the house for hours…just a cowardly way to exit the building…..and get his groove on.

5. If he brags about the woman he is with but she is never around.

Now if a man brags about his “woman”, wouldn’t he want to have her by his side all the time and show her off? Unless she is overseas there is no reason why you haven’t seen this “perfect” woman he talks about.

6. If he’s extremely open and friendly to gay men (he’s curious)

It’s one thing to have respect for each other but if he is touching, hugging and really close to this gay friend…something isn’t right (unless this gay man is a relative).

7. If he’s extremely homophobic (he’s trying to take the attention off of him)

A man who is extremely homophobic is not only a turn off because its disrespectful, but it also raises an eyebrow. Why would a man speak so much hate over a gay man who he most likely he doesn’t know? The gay man isn’t bothering him and if the gay man’s presence is bothering him girl he has some issues and mostly likely they are DL issues.

8. If he has a secret online life (I would question it and find out what’s going on with him and that computer)

If your man is always on the computer/internet there is something going on. His focus should be you, the kids…hell anything besides that computer when he is at home.

9. If he has a new male roommate every so often (6 months – year) that’s his new man!

Expensive cities (New York, LA, etc) a roommate is understandable but if he constantly has a new one, he’s crazy OR that “roommate” is a new lover (I would say the 2nd choice is more acceptable). Men are not like women (well most of them), they’re not catty and can get along with people. So if he is telling you he has a new roommate every couple of months….that’s his new dude.

10. If out of the blue he wants to try new things in the bedroom that just doesn’t seem right (no matter how freaky he is)

Ladies go with your know when something doesn’t seem right and yes that includes the bedroom.

So there it is thickettes! Your thoughts?

Shout out to MW for the DL signs! 🙂



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