I had a very interesting debate with a “semi-celeb” and her comments made me realize that

A. This is what Skinny America thinks of us


B. Groupies & A** Kissers will do anything to be on a “celeb’s” good side.

One of my loyal readers emailed me the celeb’s twitter page and she was very upset.  She didn’t know what to think of the celeb’s comments on her twitter page and why she posted these pictures that were very offensive to our community. So I decided to post the pictures and comments here……

Pic #1

She said – “You got to start somewhere—hey one step at a time folks. I can’t hate if you trying!”

Now here are some of the comments that followed

Good for her but I am forced to ask, was this posted as encouragement or to poke fun at someone. A Plus Size woman in Leopard…. You had to know what people would say.

Damn that’s sexy!

Yeah… but that animal print? I wanna throw a NET over her, turn her in to animal control

Pic # 2

She tells her friends - “Let’s get back on our workouts so this won’t happen to us!”

Pic # 3

She said - “I love chicken too-BUT all in moderation”

Here are some of the comments:

You keep doing you! Posting this doesn’t promote ignorance or start it, but it certainly can motivate someone to change for the better. If, people can’t see that, then THEY have the problem.

she put the picture out there.she is making fun of herself.maybe she is happy with her body type.

yep cuz u gettin upset for nothin aint nobody complaining about the skinny pic she got up so stop being insecure about it

did you not read what i said? i said that theres nothing wrong with being big/thick (as long as you healthy) but if you dont find this pic ridiculous just like the other pic of the xtra skinny dude then something is wrong with you sto

Why can’t you say anything? Because it’s people like the this guy with his ridiculous comments that’s the reason. You’re encouraging people to talk sh*t. That’s not motivating them!

its typical it aint politically correct so the fat b*tches start acting up nothing wrong with being big but if u cant see how ridiculous this b*tch looks than obviously something is wrong with you

lighten up! This picture is just ridiculous on so many levels! Why is that triking a nerve. She had NO problem taking the picture. She’s clowning herself The hair is the funniest thing out the picture. It’s not like Im making fun of big gir and why CAN’T I say something about it? I been on some “Encouraging people to live healthy tip” Lately & there is nothing wrong with commenting on this. It aint healthy! We got to TRY to stay healthy-RIGHT?

Um wow again was their a purpose behind this?

This could’ve been a fan of your shows. Heck she may be following you. In the future, blocking her face may be an option if she’s going to be put on blast.

She also made this comment once she received backlash for her approach….

They say 5 out of 6 BLACK women R overweight-what’s wrong w/wanting 2 get that number down? We can do it! If I offended u-go RUN-let’s GO!

Now I put all of this to say that I do not promote obesity. I am all for our thickettes staying healthy. However I will not tolerate someone who exploits our community.

People assume a lot about the plus size world and yes sometimes the pictures posted on the internet do not represent us well.


Clearly a woman in leopard print, one eating fried chicken while she walks and one who can’t button her pants was not placed on twitter to motivate people. As a matter of fact she didn’t begin to motivate until after she received backlash from myself and another thickette.

She continued to talk about “motivating” people to get healthy for damn near an hour after my response. Now if she didn’t intend for the pictures and comments to offend anyone, why continue the topic hours later and also a week later? Sounds like someone felt guilty.

What do you think thickettes? How would you respond if you saw these pictures and comments?

FYI: The “celeb” who posted the picture was dumped by an athlete who is now married to a thickette. Can we say KARMA?


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