I am still pissed off! I can’t get over BET and their BULLSH*T so let me break this down…




are the new names for BET.

There would be NO BET if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson and you have the nerve to give a bullsh*t tribute like that!

The one time ya’ll sorry a**es could get it right you drop the ball! Let’s take it from the beginning!

New Edition

Now I love New Edition, however what the hell was up with the sound? I could barely hear them so I don’t know if they were out of breath or BET had a ghetto sound man (I’m going to choose the 2nd option).

*Note* Bobby nobody wants to see you stick your tongue out you FREAK! This is a tribute to MJ not your ass* Ugh you always have to mess up a classy show don’t you!


Jamie was cute. I think he kind of lighten the mood with the comedy HOWEVER he performed too much. This is not the Jamie Foxx show!


You were the only one you gave MJ some justice THANK YOU!


Performance was good until her MJ tribute went bad at the end. That killed her whole performance.


When I try to defend you, you make me look bad! Why in the hell would you sing a ballad! You are a dancer you should have been on your feet Shamon-ing, and He He-ing!


So you sing a religous song in your underwear? This just proves my point that Beyonce doesn’t know what the hell is going on and what she is singing and what it means. If she knew about the song and what it represents she wouldn’t be wearing that! If any other artist went on stage singing that their career would be over but since Beyonce has her fans under a spell, she could kill someone on stage and they would think it was the best performance ever! ALSO for her to be a huge MJ fan…. to not sing a MJ song was a slap in the face. There is NO WAY I would not sing for my idol! Since you and your man had the “power” to keep Letoya and Chris from the stage then dammit you had the power to sing a MJ song! Instead of singing your “ME ME ME LA LA LA LOOK AT ME” SONG. So much for you being a big fan you fake a** robot!


Do I even need to say something about him? Just look at the picture you already know what I am thinking! Moving on….

Why did Lil Wayne even perform? I mean you barely understood what he was saying because most of it was *bleep, bleep, bleep* since he cursed so much! Then he had the nerve to have his daughter and her friends on stage while he rapped he wish he could f**k every girl in the world? We wonder why our youth is so messed up today!

Now…….usually the Old School shows us how it’s done!

But the O’Jays showed us how to ACT A FOOL when you receive an award! How dare you talk about Don C. when you told him to get out of his home to give you a tribute. You know that man is old and has health issues then you are going to clown him for talking too long.

Then Eddie! Lawd! You get up there and talk about going to the store to get some ice cream, to it being hard to get your first hit, to Barack becoming president, to your hand getting stuck! WTF!

And the last WTH for this stupid a** show!

Baby Boy Bullsh*t! Who the hell told them to go on there and do a skit. Then to top it off this fool said Guns = Michael Jackson!

No ignorant fool = you!

BET you are a waste! I hope TVOne takes over completely. We got punk’d ya’ll! All that hype around a MJ tribute and no real tribute. They wanted us to watch the show…and we did but it made me realize that I will no longer watch BET.

I wish BET had died and Michael Jackson gave them a tribute!



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