Founder of Sharen Rooks Agency

Sharen Rooks runs her Marketing Done Right workshops regularly. She teaches participants how to shape their brand, augment their client base, to maximize their web presence and benefit from social websites, to differentiate between marketing and advertising and more. The added components of Q&A discussion and professional networking mixer format enhance each clinic.

Sharen Rooks is a trusted public relations officer with clients nationwide. Her impressive roster includes Donald Jenkins (creator of Alphabet Soup), Majestik Entertainment, Christie B. Taylor (Living Life Seminar, facilitator, screenwriter, and actress), Tony and Michael Elliot (Soulsville Grille), Gregory Blanchard (Favored Financial Services), Apple Jack Trans, LLC, Teacher’s Pet After School Tutorial, Lesslie Clark Enterprises (Oprah’s Big Give), and author Shelia E. Lipsey.

Sharen served as the Public Policy Speaker for National Association of Women Business Owners Memphis Chapter (NAWBO). She was listed in 50 Women Who Make A Difference (Memphis Women Magazine, July 2005.) Sharen has appeared in two films: 100 Lives written and directed by Phil Wallace (2008) and N-Secure written by Julius Lewis and Christie Taylor (2008). She is featured in a recent issue of NuStyle Memphis magazine, which focuses on fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle.

The Sharen Rooks Agency’s community activist division is focused on providing resources and support services for those affected by the legal system – specifically the incarcerated and their families. Sharen sheds light on the negative aspects of the judiciary system through media exposure and political voice. Sharen volunteers much of her time to education, outreach ministries, community activism for prisoners and causes such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Delta Sigma Theta, where she served as an honorary judge for the Mother of the Year 2005 competition.

Sharen, with husband Minister Kevin Rooks and their son Marquet, is a faithful member of Morning Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. As her testimony of the fortitude she found through faith, she authored What Happens When God Moves – a truly inspirational story about the life of a young woman and the many trials and tribulations she experiences over a decade. The story unfolds to reveal God’s true purpose of victory through adversity as He developed this young entrepreneur into the powerful woman of God that she is today!
She is supporting the book with a string of booksigning and author events in various states this Spring.  


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