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March 4, 2009


Filed under: Haters,Janet Jackson — krys @ 10:30 am

 Before I start to go off check this out.


…the iconic singer is currently battling some weight gain again, recently stepping out in uncharacteristically frumpy clothes for a high-calorie meal.

Over the weekend, she raised eyebrows when she stopped by one of her favorite haunts- Burritos El Chavo in Tarzana, CA- bundled up in ill-fitting sweatpants and an over-sized sweatshirt.

“She comes here all the time,” says an employee. “She ordered two chicken soft tacos with some rice and beans. She gets chicken tacos all the time. She comes once a week, sometimes twice a week.”

An estimated count of the calories in her ten dollar meal: 400 (two tacos with the normal fixings) plus 300 (for the rice and beans) equals a whopping 700 calories for an afternoon bite! That’s nearly half of a normal woman’s estimated daily intake. (Source)

Okay looking at the picture the clothes make her look bigger than what she is. Also who in the hell takes the time out to count the calories someone else is eating?

If Janet or any thickette wants to eat there every week that’s their damn business. I think she is now comfortable with her size and doesn’t care about the media. If you have seen Janet recently you would know that Janet looks damn good to be 42! I am pretty sure she exercises every week and eats healthy.

To hell with the haters!

Janet bring me back a steak burrito with sour cream and guacamole!

Oh and how ya doing Johnny Gill (yes that’s him behind her). I see nobody mentioned him eating the same calories!

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