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February 5, 2009


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Thicksational Model Christina Mendez is Gemini Magazine’s Janurary Cover Model.


They also did a feature story on her! Please support our thickette and the magazine! Check it out!

Thicksational SIngles


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Well I’ll be damn! Etta sets the record straight on how she really feels about Miss Bey-heffa Knowles.

In the video below you hear Ms. James saying that Beyonce is going to get her a** whooped and she can’t stand Beyonce! HA I LOVE IT! In my opinion she should have asked the LEGEND if it’s okay to sing the song but as usual Beyonce acts as if the song belongs to her. She’s been pissing off too many legends lately. Aretha, Janet now Etta. Etta may be 71 but I bet $50 that she will still beat Beyonce’s a**!

Sidebar: I remember Etta also stating during the Cadillac Records premiere that she never spoke to Beyonce until that night. Hmmmmmmmm why wouldn’t someone meet with the person they are trying to portray on film? And her fans wonder why people don’t respect her.

Anyhoo check out the video



Thicksational SIngles

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