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January 27, 2009


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Miss F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Thickette Toccara has a workout DVD called “Toccara Fabulous Workout”.

The DVD is for Real Size Women and yes she even has thickettes in her DVD, I love it!

The DVD is for $19.99 and you can buy it here

Work it out Fab T!

Thicksational SIngles


Ok I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE my thickettes but I don’t know what was in the air at the Trumpet Awards this weekend but let’s start it off!


I love Raven I do………….

But this Morticia Addams look is a Thicksational HELL NO!

Okay this is better she took off the jacket but I am confused about the gloves (are they leather?).

Well on a positive note, Raven did receive the Pinnacle Award last night. Congrats.

Thick Man Anthony Anderson was the host for the awards. Looking good Anthony!

Sherri was looking cute

I love Cathy Hughes!

Hmmm Deshawn………is it just me or does the white completely kill the outfit?

Regina……………girl! Please stop!

The thicksational couple Tamela and David Mann were there looking good.


Okay……………………..My thicksational fashionista please help me understand.

On a skinny side note:


Looked beautiful

My girls En Vogue were there looking great as well!

Now at the Trumpet dinner……

This is what I am talking about. This dress is beautiful!

Raven and Kym stepped their game up for the dinner.

Thicksational SIngles

Bigger Bras
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