I found this very interesting.

As you may know, Whitney Thompson won the title of America’s Next Top Model on the last season of the show with Miss Tyra Banks, and is on the cover of the July 2008 issue of Seventeen Magazine.

She is considered the first plus-sized model to win the competition; or, as Tyra says the correct term is, “full figured model.”

“I’m here to change the fashion industry,” Whitney says. “And so now that I am America’s Next Top Model I’m going to use that title and do something with it…and show women today that you don’t have to look like a stick figure with breast implants to be beautiful. You know, you can have curves and a butt, and that’s good.”

This is such a huge problem with America and the fashion industry in general–it’s ridiculous that Whitney is considered plus sized. She fluctuates from a size 8 to a size 10.

The average size of women in America ranges from a 12 to 14. That’s not large, that’s average. And clothing stores that are geared towards plus sizes are usually size 16 and up (or 14 and up). So what sense does it make that Tyra and her crew would classify Whitney as full figured?? Way to go, Tyra…really changing the industry there.

As Paulina Porizkova said of Whitney at the end of the last ANTM competition, “This should not be called plus size or full figured. This should just be called beautiful.” {Source: Connie Talk}

Thickettes how do you feel about Whitney being perceived as a plus size model? Yes, the average size of a woman is a 14 however, Whitney is in an industry where the average size is a two. I can see why some will view her as a plus size model. Do you think she a thicksational member? 




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