You may know her from Celebrity Fit Club or Celebracadabra but Carnie Wilson had a successful singing career in the early 90’s.

Carnie Wilson, daughter of legendary Beach Boy founder, Brian Wilson, has a varied career as a singer, songwriter, actress and TV talk show host. As a member of Wilson Phillips, Carnie achieved unparalleled first album success, selling ten million albums with three #1 hit singles, including the song entitled “Hold On.” In 1996, Carnie hosted her own nationally syndicated TV talk show entitled “Carnie.” She has continued her career in acting, television, talk shows, pictures, voiceovers and songwriting. Most recently Carnie starred in the 2008 CMT TV series “GONE COUNTRY” and will be featured in a spin off series that will air later this year on CMT.

Carnie went through a lot because she was always compared to her thin sister and friend in the group but she still held her own as a thicksational woman!

Here’s one of their classics “Hold On”




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