If you remember Jill Scott’s interview in Essence Magazine….

Mo’Nique’s opening for the BET Awards…..

Or Nikki Blonsky on the Today Show…..


Then you have seen some of the thicksational dresses created by Yuliya Zeltser, owner and designer of Igigi clothing line.

Igigi is a queen size clothing line designed for beautiful, voluptuous, and confident woman. Yuliya, who’s love for fashion started at the age of three, created Igigi after a disappointing shopping trip while looking for a stylish and sophisticated outfit for her full-figured mother. 

I had the opportunity to interview Yuliya about her clothing line and views on the plus size industry……………..

Krys Nicole: So you mentioned that your thicksational mother was your inspiration for starting Igigi. Does your mother or other family members still give you inspiration or are involved with your clothing line today?

Yuliya: Well they get the clothes for free {laughs}. Actually my grandmother was my original inspiration for Igigi, she was also a curvy woman. My sister who started with me is still a huge part of the company. My family definitely influences me a lot and gives me a lot of suggestions. They’re such a big part of the business and my life.

Krys Nicole: You have already worked with numerous thicksational celebrities. Are there any celebrities you haven’t designed for that you would love to work with?

Yuliya: Absolutely! I admire Queen Latifah so much! She is amazing! She is so confident and empowering. I would love to design a dress for her red carpet appearances. I would also like to design for Jennifer Hudson and Oprah.

Krys Nicole: How do you feel about the plus size clothing marketing currently? Do feel the plus size market is getting the same recognition as other clothing lines?

Yuliya: Since the day I started Igigi the plus size market has improved tremendously but there is so much room for growth. Our job as designers is to constantly go out and experiment to improve the styling and to make a woman feel more beautiful and empower her. So yes we have improved but where we are now is a just a stepping stone to the next level.

Krys Nicole: Where do you see Igigi in the future?

Yuliya: The sky is the limit! There are so many opportunities and so much need for so many things. Definitely denim and more edgier clothes, accessories and shoes.

Krys Nicole: I have the Maya Chiffon Dress in Black/Coral and I LOVE IT! It’s so comfortable but still very sophisticated. Where did you get the inspiration to make that dress?

Yuliya: That dress is a very popular style. When I design evening wear my philosophy that is always helpful is a combination of chic and style with comfort. I absolutely cannot stand restricting dresses that you can’t breathe in and you have to wear it for the entire evening. So with the Maya Chiffon Dress and other Igigi clothing it’s all about creating a certain comfort but still make it look so chic.

Krys Nicole: I always like to end a interview with fashion tips for my thickettes. Any fashion tips you would like to give to the thicksational ladies who read the blog?

Yuliya: The most important thing to know is your body shape. Know your positives and your challenge areas. It’s imperative to know how you look and to be honest with yourself. I feel that a woman should feel good when she sees her image in the mirror.

Also understand your personality and emphasize whatever you feel through your clothing. If a woman really wants to be stylish those are absolutely the two things she must understand.

Krys Nicole: Great advice thanks Yuliya. 

Yuliya: Thank you Krys.

Seriously thickettes I am IN LOVE with the Maya Chiffon Dress. I am a thicksational women who is more of a top thicky and this dress fits perfect on me. However I also let my cousin try it on who is more of a bottom thicky and she looked thicksational in it as well. The dress is so comfortable and the price is reasonable compared to other plus size lines who charge us 200 dollars or more for a formal dress.

Igigi is giving thickettes from 10% percent off on your purchase and trust me you will not regret buying anything from



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