I am reading Terrance Dean’s book Hiding in Hip Hop: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry and it’s very interesting.

I respect the fact that he decided to keep the celebrities he talks about anonymous but I want to figure out who they are so Thickettes help me out! LOL


“Eli” is a popular multi-platinum rapper and actor.

“Eli was a force to be reckoned with. He flew out the gate with his debut album and would become a mainstay in the ever-changing Hip Hop industry, where many rappers are one-hit wonders. He has been hailed as one of the greatest rappers to bless the mic.”

“Up until that moment I had never heard anything remotely close about the rapper being gay. Eli was a burgeoning superstar who parlayed his marketability into television and movie credits. He even had a promising clothing line.

“Corey” is a singer-songwriter.

“Corey has been on MTV’s The Cut. He was an opener for Jay-Z and signed to Eli’s start-up label in the 90’s.”

“Lucas” an A-List actor.

“The lead was Lucas, who is a megastar. No matter what film project he was attached to it was bound to be a box office smash. In Hollywood, he is considered a golden boy and very bankable. However, there were already many rumors swirling about his sexuality, and even though he married, it was hard for him to shake those pesky gay rumors.”

“Junior” & “Frtiz” are actors.

“There were two male celebrity actors standing a few feet in front of us. They didn’t notice us because the club was dark. Both men are young and very attractive and have starred in some comedic and dramatic films. One of the actors, “Junior,” is a tall, muscular, brown-skinned brother who got his start in television and is known for his comedic roles in films. He never married, but has a couple of children with a girlfriend. The other dark-skinned actor, “Fritz,” has been in a few movies and has starred in a popular television drama.”

Hmmmmmmmmm your thoughts please.



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